What is www.vrstand.it ?

www.vrstand.it is a site developed by K-Lab s.r.l.s. which allows the creation and visualization of interactive 360 ​​° tours through a browser-based 3D rendering WebGL framework.

In addition to the web platform, K-Lab s.r.l.s. is involved in the design, construction and maintenance of the environments and contents of the individual tours, commissioned by the Clients.

The environments illustrated on the site are created with the aim of providing a scheumorphic support for the presentation of products and services, with the addition of commercial information of the objects in the scene, such as texts, images, videos, PDF documents and links to others contents.

Optional interactive tools can be used within the tours, such as:

Types of users and access


Each tour can allow diversified accesses that lead to the use of content dedicated to a specific user, the access methods can be:

The methods of access with registration of personal data require the explicit and informed consent of the Users for the use of their personal data for the purposes indicated:

Administrators and Employees

Some specific types of users, such as Administrators and Employees who have access to advanced tools to guide other Visitors within the tours, may access statistical data of registered Employees and / or Assisted Visitors, in order to monitor the use and performance of the service and evaluate preferences with respect to the contents illustrated.

The statistics of the use of the service by the Employees could be used by the relative Administrators to view statistical data related to the work carried out with this tool, it is the duty of the Administrators to inform collaborators of this possibility.


Co-Browsing is a assisted navigation mode for which Users participating in a private session can be remotely guided along a route within the tour by an Employee.

During Co-Browsing, limited to the tour web page displayed, an Employee can:

This mode works exclusively at the level of the contents of the tour displayed, it cannot in any way affect other open windows / tabs, the browser in use, interact with other applications or with the assisted device, nor send additional personal data than those that may have been included during registration.

At any time the Visitor can interrupt a visit to the Co-Browsing tour simply by closing the browser window.

www.vrstand.it's Co-Browsing is not intended as a Tele-assistance software such as TeamViewer, Anydesk or similar, but as a dynamic and collaborative update of the website contents.

Video chat

Video chat is a mode of meeting or webinair via browser in which Users participating in a private session can be invited to participate.

Video chat is a tool that transmits the audio and video of a webcam or the screen of the participants to each other, in order to assist the Visitors during a tour or for a tele-conference.

During the video chat you can:

This mode takes place within the tour and requires the User's approval to use the microphone and webcam of their device (privacy setting set by the browser itself).

At any time the Visitor can interrupt the Video chat simply by abandoning the call with a key or closing the browser window.

How Video Chat Works

The technology used is WebRTC communication, which is a technology based on HTML5 and JavaScript that allows browsers to make a video call in real time. It falls within the scope of peer-to-peer communication (i.e. the direct exchange of data between affected devices), but it may require a server-side service to organize and ensure the stability of the call.

Depending on the settings, the tours use different third party services to mediate this communication between the various devices, but there are no archiving and backup systems, so the audio / video and textual data in transit are not saved on the servers and communications are encrypted to ensure the privacy of participants and the topics covered.

The responsibility of the contents shared during a Video chat is attributable to the individual participants, as the tool does not offer solutions for censorship or verification of the topics covered.


The tours visible on www.vrstand.it are the property of the various Clients, specified in the documentation relating to each individual tour.

The topics, contents and personal data recorded are under the responsibility of the Client, who is also Data Controller.

The methods of access with registration of personal data save the personal data of the Users in the www.vrstand.it database, where they are managed by the relative Clients, and / or are sent to tools owned by the Clients such as: CRM, Company Management, Marketing platform or through simple email correspondence. Any external destinations of the data are specified in the section Third party services and the rights of the Users are guaranteed by the Client himself.

The security of data in transit or at rest related to the tour, limited to their processing within the www.vrstand.it domain, is under the responsibility of the Provider who developed the system.

Some functions of www.vrstand.it exploit third party services that can handle flows of personal information (such as video-chat). These services have been selected respecting the criteria of confidentiality and security, but we refer to their specific documentation where necessary.

The Client is therefore the owner of the personal data and responsible for the contents of the tour Kastel Virtual Spaces - Kimmi with address https://www.vrstand.it/view/kastel-kimmi is:

K-Lab s.r.l.s.
with official headquarters in: Via Roveredo, 30/b - 33170 Pordenone - Italia
Email: info@immersivevr.it

The technical Provider of www.vrstand.it is:

K-Lab s.r.l.s.
with official headquarters in: Via Roveredo, 30/b - 33170 Pordenone - Italia
Phone: +39 0438 430689
Email: info@immersivevr.it


Here are some clarifications on the security of the service, limited to the transmission and storage of content within the www.vrstand.it domain.

Security of data in transit

All personal data is transmitted through the SSL protocol, i.e. direct calls from the browser to the server with HTTPS certificate.

Data at rest security

The data at rest is saved in a MYSQL database accessible only with secret server-side credentials and not accessible from external IPs. Authentication data, such as passwords or video chat access tokens, are encrypted using irreversible 128-bit encryption.

www.vrstand.it is hosted by ISO 27001 certified infrastructures.

For more information on the hosting service visit: https://www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/zertifizierung

Third Party Services

Here are some clarifications on the security of services integrated or connected to www.vrstand.it.

The information listed may not be updated regularly or undergo frequent changes.

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to K-Lab s.r.l.s. (the Client of the tour "Kastel Virtual Spaces - Kimmi") and K-Lab s.r.l.s. (the technical Provider) and to better protect it on this page you will find all the details on how your personal data will be processed.

In compliance with the obligations deriving from national legislation (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n.196, Code regarding the protection of personal data) and community (European regulation for the protection of personal data n. 679/2016, GDPR) and subsequent amendments, this site respects and protects the privacy of Visitors and Users, making every possible and proportionate effort not to infringe the rights of Users.

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the online activities of this site and is valid for the Visitors / Users of the site. It does not apply to information collected through channels other than this website. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to provide maximum transparency regarding the information that the site collects and how it is used.

The Data Controller

The Data Controller is K-Lab s.r.l.s., officially located in Via Roveredo, 30/b - 33170 Pordenone - Italia.

The Technical Provider can view the data collected for backup and maintenance operations, but will never disclose, never use the data for commercial profiling.

Place of data processing

The data collected by the site are processed in the offices of K-Lab s.r.l.s. and at the web datacenter that hosts the website and are only handled by technical staff in charge of processing or by persons in charge of occasional maintenance operations (site developers).

No data deriving from the web service is communicated or disclosed except in cases expressly provided by law.

The personal data provided by users are used only to perform the service requested and expressed in the purposes of processing and are disclosed to third parties only if this is necessary for that purpose.

Types of data processed

Navigation/Browsing data

The personal data of the user collected during navigation may be processed by automated tools.

The information collected could be the following:

The above information is processed in an automated form and collected in an exclusively aggregated form in order to verify the correct functioning of the site, to improve the relevance of the results provided, to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and for security reasons.

In the event that explicit consent is given for the use of personal data for commercial profiling, the statistical data can be marked and crossed with those provided voluntarily by the User in a statistical analysis system visible to the Client, but which does not send the aforementioned personal data to Google Analytics.

For security purposes (spam filters, firewalls, virus detection), the automatically recorded data may eventually include data such as the IP address, which could be used, in compliance with the laws in force, in order to block attempts to damage the site itself or to damage other users, or in any case harmful activities or constituting a crime. Such data are never used for the identification or profiling of the user, but only for the protection of the site and its users.

The data used for security purposes are kept for 30 days.

The data used for statistical purposes are stored for unlimited time.

The profiled data used for statistical purposes are kept for a maximum of 6 months.

Data provided voluntarily by the user

K-Lab s.r.l.s. collects some personal data from Users, such as name, surname, email address and other personal data provided voluntarily by the User during the request for information or registration for tours.

These data are sent on an optional, explicit and voluntary basis, necessary to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data entered for the purposes of the service.

Personal data relating to religion, health, ethnicity or sexual orientation will never be requested and / or collected.

The site may be accessible to Users only if they provide their personal data, depending on the active types of access. Some parts of the site may only be accessible to certain users.

The data used for registration and / or access are kept for the time needed to provide the service. The registration of this information is necessary for the data controller to provide specific information, such as content located in the User's region or services reserved for customers of the activity.

In the case of the creation of a permanent user on www.vrstand.it, it will be possible to modify or cancel your registration by accessing your personal area on the site, in order to keep your data updated or to unsubscribe from the system.

In the event that the data were transmitted to services outside the domain and owned by the Client (eg subscription to newsletters or corporate CRMs), this will ensure Users of the methods to access and manage their data on the respective platforms.

Optional provision of data and right to be forgotten

This website processes data based on informed consent.

With the use or consultation of this site visitors and users explicitly approve this Privacy Policy and consent to the processing of their personal data in relation to the methods and purposes described below, including any disclosure to third parties if necessary for the provision of a service.

The provision of data and therefore consent to the collection and processing of data is optional. The user may deny consent and may revoke at any time a consent already provided in the following ways:

Denying consent may make it impossible to provide certain services and the browsing experience on the site you are used to may be compromised.

Method of processing

Personal data are processed with automated tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access. However, there is always a slight risk that an unauthorized third party intercepts Internet transmission, which means that someone might find a way to circumvent our security systems. We therefore warn you to exercise caution when transmitting Personal Data via the Internet, particularly when it comes to financial information. K-Lab s.r.l.s. is unable to guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not gain access to your Personal Data, therefore, if you enter Personal Data on our site, you must weigh benefits and risks.

In addition to the owner, in some cases, categories of employees involved in the organization of the site (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external subjects (as suppliers of third-party technical services, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) may have access to the data.

Transfer of data to non-EU countries

This site may share some of the data collected with services located outside the European Union area. In particular with Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) through social plugins and the Google Analytics service.

The transfer is authorized on the basis of specific decisions of the European Union and the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, in particular the decision 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield), for which no further consent is required. The companies mentioned above guarantee their adherence to the Privacy Shield.

Rights of the interested parties

Pursuant to European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and national legislation, the user can, in accordance with the procedures and within the limits established by current legislation, exercise the following rights:

Privacy questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of data at K-Lab s.r.l.s., please contact us:

K-Lab s.r.l.s.
Via Roveredo, 30/b - 33170 Pordenone - Italia
Email: info@immersivevr.it

For technical information on the transmission and storage of data, limited to the www.vrstand.it domain, please contact:

K-Lab s.r.l.s.
Via Roveredo, 30/b - 33170 Pordenone - Italia
Phone: +39 0438 430689
Email: info@immersivevr.it

Information about cookies

By using our website and agreeing to this policy, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored by the computer when a website is visited by a user. The text stores information that the site is able to read in the moment in which it is seen at a later time. Some of these cookies are necessary to the site to work properly, while others are useful to the visitor because they can safely store such as user name or language settings. The advantage of having the cookies installed in your pc is that you no longer need to fill out the same information every time you want to access a site you visited before.

Why does this website use cookies?

www.vrstand.it uses cookies to provide its customers with a customized web experience and allow them to visit again a website without having to enter each time the same information. Cookies are also used to optimize the website performance: in fact they make easier the process of product searching within the site. In order to protect personal data against loss and any form of unlawful processing has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures.

What types of cookies does www.vrstand.it use?

There are generally three categories of cookies: “Functionality”, “Analytics” and “Targeting”. You can find out more about each cookie category used by www.vrstand.it below.

Cookies can be deleted by the navigator using the functions of the user's own browser.

The cancellation or deactivation of cookies can compromise access to the tours of the site.

How can I disable cookies?

You can easily modify browser settings to turn off cookies. Warning: when you disable cookies some website base functions might stop working, like registration or logging for restricted area features and/or other interactive functions.


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  4. Then select the “Privacy” tab.
  5. Go to “Chronology Settings” and then click “Custom Settings”. Uncheck “Accept cookies from sites” and save your preferences.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
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  3. Select the “Privacy” tab and choose the privacy level you want (move the slider up to block all cookies, or down to allow them all).
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  1. Type chrome://settings/cookies in the address bar and press Enter key.
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  1. Open Safari.
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